Hacking .NET Applications (2 0f 2)

This post is the second part of the Hacking .NET Applications serie. The first part can be found at the following URL:

In this second part I am going to show how to extract, analyse and tweak the .NET application.

Until recent times, I was only aware of a single way to extract code from the .NET application, that is by using a (now) commercial tool called .NET Reflector. This tool is still awesome and allows you to retrieve the application source code. However,  re-compilation of the code cannot be done, if you are wondering If that was possible!



Hacking .NET Applications (1 0f 2)

For a work engagement, I had to study how to hack .NET application. I am glad i had to do this. No really worth to say it; this post will go through some of the techniques I have learn from this experience.

I found two approaches of hacking .NET applications. The first one is by using a debugger and retrieve as many information as I could and possibly utilise the power of the debugger to perform changes to the run-time code.
The second is to disassemble the application to retrieve IL code, study the application and potentially hard-code changes on the IL that will be re-assembled into a new hacked version of the application.